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KUMPARE Indie Movie
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Jef Gaitan and Wendy Valdez – FHM Philippines October 2010

Reality show beauties Jef Gaitan and Wendy Valdez are the cover girls of the October 2010 issue of FHM Philippines magazine.

Jef is a Survivor Philippines alumnae while Wendy is a product of Pinoy Big Brother.

The said issue also features the all-time list of Pinoy cinema’s foxiest hotties, which includes Alma Moreno, Rio Locsin, Nanette Medved, Cristina Gonzales, Amanda Page, and 21 others plus Gwen Ceridwen, Toni Rose Maniago, Eunique Pineda, and DJ Miss Nine.





From the team who brought you the internationally acclaimed “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” (Antonio’s Secret) and the record-breaking “Ang Lalake Sa Parola” comes a narrative expose on what goes on behind the camera of gay erotic cinema in the Philippines.

“Laruang Lalake” is a realist film that portrays the people within the gay film industry and their personal stories – from the naughty to the gritty, from the horny to the hopeful. Created by Joselito Altarejos with the script from Lex Bonife, the film weaves the short journey of an ambitious probinsiyano actor, Samuel (Arjay Carreon), an idealistic film staff (Mark Fabillar) who is secretly in love with an actor and a filmmaker in the brink of bankruptcy (Richard Quan). The film also features the daring Marco Morales, as a come-back actor willing to do everything to steal a name for himself.

As the camera grinds between naked bodies in homoerotic play, it’s all in a day’s work for everyone in an industry operating in a society that is yet to accept the Filipino gay man.

The Last Altarejos Gay Erotica?

Joselito Altarejos shot to fame in the local film scene when he created the record breaking “Ang Lalake sa Parola”. Back then, in 1997, independent films barely made a break even in box office returns. Parola broke records by becoming the highest grossing digital film for that year. And from then on, gay erotica has become a steady genre within the independent film arena.

A few months after, Altarejos with his Parola writer, Lex Bonife, came up with “Ang Lihim ni Antonio”, again, breaking all records in commercial digital cinema. The film recently won the grand prize at Festival de Luna in Valencia, Spain garnerin, it’s fourth major international award.

In his latest film, “Laruang Lalake”, Altarejos creates an honest and self
deprecating look into what goes on behind the camera of Pinoy gay erotic cinema. Using realist time as his framework, the film is a narrative expose that weaves the story of an ambitious probinsiyano actor, an idealistic production assistant who falls in love with the actor and a filmmaker in the brink of bankruptcy. The film stars daring actor Marco Morales, versatile actors Richard Quan and Mon Confiado; and fresh-faced Arjay Carreon.
But despite of his success in this genre, Altarejos, with his trailblazing attitude claims “Laruang Lalake” will be his last gay erotica as he feels the need to explore other genre in his medium. With another screenplay from his trusted writer Bonife, the director pays homage to gay films and the genre that has mounted his name in Philippine cinema.

With “Laruang Lalake” as possibly, the last Altarejos gay erotica, the film is surely a must see for every patron of gay cinema. Laruang Lalake opens on October 27 at Robinsons Galleria, Remar (Cubao) and Roben (Manila), Eden (Cebu).

Arjay Carreon is Laruang Lalake

Up and coming actor Arjay Carreon is Laruang Lalake. In this new film by the award winning, Joselito Altarejos, Arjay plays Samuel, an ordinary boy from the province who dreams to become a movie actor. Arjay is no stranger to indie movies, he first appeared in the s
weet gay drama “Campus Crush” but it is in “Laruang Lalake” where he bares it all.

“Maganda po kasi talaga ang role. At ito rin ang first time na makakatrabaho ko si direk Jay”, Arjay admits referring to Joselito Altarejos, the director of the multi-awarded and the internationally acclaimed “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” as well as the record breaking hit, “Ang Lalake sa Parola”. “Proud din po ako kasi magagaling ang mga co-actors ko”, Arjay adds sharing his excitement to work with acclaimed actors, Richard Quan, Mon Confiado, Dexter Doria and the daring, Marco Morales.

When asked if he has ever become a real life “Laruang lalake” (boy toy), he shakes his head in the negative but a naughty smile is evident in his face.

Laruang Lalake is written and produced by Lex Bonife and will have its regular run on October 27 at selected cinemas in Metro Manila and Cebu.

Marco Morales stars in “Laruang Lalake”

With more than ten adult movies including a Spanish film under his belt, Marco Morales, is definitely the most in-demand sexy actor of this generation. And that’s not only because he bravely bares his naked body on cam but Marco is one of those who are really serious about their craft as an actor. A former singer and a model, Marco devotes time to study every role that comes his way.

And for this October, Marco Morales is excited with his new erotic film “Laruang Lalake” which gave him the opportunity to work for the first time with acclaimed director, Joselito Altarejos, known for his internationally award-winning “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” and top grosser “Ang Lalake sa Parola”. In the film, Marco plays the role of “Peejay”, an inept actor who comes home from Macau quitting his job as an entertainer.

For Marco, doing independent films for him is more challenging because of the diversity of roles offered to him. “I imagined myself to be in a reality show where I had to ignore the camera and proceed with my role”, says Marco when he shot for the film which is employs a realist time mode for its narrative. Another challenge for him is his role’s constant shift from a realistic portrayal to a “bad acting” performance, which requires from him versatility and subtlety.

In this new film written by Lex Bonife, Marco pits his acting talentto seasoned actors Richard Quan, Mon Confiado, Dexter Doria and the fresh-faced Arjay Carreon. The film which is about the process of making a gay movie will open on October 13 at selected cinemas in Manila and Cebu.




Monday, October 11, 2010


Rage Indie Productions is producing an independent gay indie film this November and we are looking for ASPIRING ACTORS for the lead and supporting roles.

Looking for:


18 to 30 yrs old

Role may require some kissing scenes with same sex and some nudity.

Without talent handler / manager.

For those interested, please e-mail your profile, pictures, information and state why you want to be part of the project to


Shortlisted applicants will be called in for auditions.

Thank you!

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