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KUMPARE Indie Movie
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Coming Soon: Parisukat In Theaters Feb 2010

By Dominic Maceda


I never had any inclination in movie making. I was always a fan of the movies though. I have tons and tons of movie collection. I always enjoyed how movies can illicit different reactions on the audience. That's why it came as a big surprise to me when I got hand picked by Direk Jonison Fonatanos to be his assistant director. I had no background in film making except for home videos. He made me read the script and I was hooked which made me say yes to his job offer.He got me as his assistant director along with Monsi.

Parisukat is an august film written and directed by Jonison Fontanos. Dubbed as friendship production(it has become some sort of private joke within the crew and some of the actors involved in the film) this film was put together and was finished in the basest form of indie film making: friends helping friends. If you ask me Direk Jonison is the most resourceful director there is(not that I know a lot of directors)

The story involves five characters. Jaime portrayed by Jobben Bello. The character he played had a lot of weight (no pun intended)A loner by nature, no family ties, no friends. He lives a life of a solitary gay man who eventually meets Herman a character that is personified by Toffee Calma. Herman is the sex savvy player in the movie. He is at the prime of his life not ready for anything serious which creates conflict between Him and Jaime. A comic relief is provided by Xander a transsexual gay man played by Darwin Taylo who if i may say resembles the young Krista Ranillo during her more younger years and has the humor of Megan Mullaly. Another character of interest is played by Marcus played Jeff Tatsuro a hunky Fil-Jap model with a body to die for. Marcus is running away from a past that will eventually catch up with him. A character played by Christopher Canizares (Mr. Pogi 2004) will ultimately lead to an interesting twist to the story.

Parisukat is a psycho thriller that will keep you guessing 'til the end. It will grip your attention span to the end credits.The Film will be shown February 2010 in Metro Manila and in Cebu
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