KUMPARE Indie Movie

KUMPARE Indie Movie
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


First week of October is a busy one for Filipino films, with two definitely gay movies, Kape Barako and Kubli, in select theaters. 

Kape Barako is a fun and sexy Pinoy story from Lex Bonife, starring Johnron Tananda, featuring Frederick Peralta & Afi Africa, introducing Miko Pasamonte, Marcus Aboga, Allan Stevens & Joyce Acorda, directed by Monti Parungao.

This movie is about the story of 5 men and their queer tricks to keep their loyal gay customers happy inside their striving coffee shop. The twist? Well...the coffee itself that they serve has a "twist."

Trailer here:

On the other hand, Kubli is the story of friendship between Raffy (Johnron Tañada) and Marco (Eugene Tejada) which begins in childhood. The two are separated for many years, and their unspoken passion has long been buried deep, until their reunion in their hometown ignites a moment of intimacy.

In exchange of this is the shocking revelation of Raffy’s long-time kept secret -- his passionate affection for best friend Marco. In the end, the longest journey of his emotional suffering from holding on will wind up in a different level -- when his love finally becomes unconditional.

 Eugene Tejada

Dustin Jose

Kubli is Golden Pot Film Productions' initial offering. It stars Johnron Tanada, Eugene Tejada Dustin Jose. Produced by Ronald Rafer. Written and directed by Paul Singh Cudail.

Here's the trailer:

Have fun!

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