KUMPARE Indie Movie

KUMPARE Indie Movie
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gay Indie Movie: MARCIE

MARCIE is about the travails and internal conflicts of four individuals whose stories unravel around the struggle of Marcie, a cross dresser who makes a living by prowling the streets at night for clients who look for a quick fix.

It illustrates how relationships become at once uncertain and lucid when these entangle.

MARCIE is character-driven in terms of story progression, and employs dialogue and nuances to reveal the intents and motivations of each character, drawing these characters together in a relationship that is sought by the story as subject. 

It is the story of four individuals, who have strayed into the unfamiliar life of Marcie, one that offers them to rethink their own freedoms, identities, and dreams, and poses them the question: 

To be or not to be?


Rain Javier

Jeffrey Santos

 Eugene Tejada

Kurt Kevin Lander

Mark Gonzales

Savannah Lamsen

Written By
Mark Duane Angos

Produced By
Louie Lugtu, Yellow Beam Pictures

Directed By
Gerardo Calagui

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