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KUMPARE Indie Movie
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bekimon's Junakis... Unmasked!

It it true that the mystery man behind the innocently sexy voice of Junakis of YouTube sensation Bekimon (Bern Josep Persia) is now ready to reveal his identity? 
The popular Junakis character who has charmed and intrigued thousands of Filipino fans of the Bekimon video series that has received over 2.4 million YouTube hits so far remains elusive in front of the camera. Various speculations about his true identity came out-- some suggesting that he is either Bekimon's lover, his officemate, or his bestfriend.

Junakis was sorely missed by his fans after he and Bekimon has parted ways a few months back. Bekimon then went on a solo showbiz career and has landed a major role in the top-rating noon-time soap "Juanita Banana" and Junakis went back to his family. But the YouTube tandem has finally reconciled and the two are planning on coming up with more hilarious videos for their followers.

But who really is Junakis? Until he is ready, these are the only clues I can reveal:

a. Junakis is an indie actor.
b. Just like Bekimon before, Junakis works in a call center.
c. Yes, your speculation is true. Junakis looks as good as he sounds. You would easily recognize him in person if you are a Bekimon fan.
d. He is Bekimon's best friend. The two are inseparable.

YOUTUBE REVEAL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ05by5J55g



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